Adhesive Remover

Replacing the tape, As simple as that.

Replacing the Richy Stickees adhesive strips (tape) is simple, the Richy professional hairstylist uses an alcohol-based solution that will separate the old tape from the extension piece without leaving any sticky residue on the hair or on the extension itself. The procedure is quick and easy and does not require any tools for the removal or application.

After the removal of the old tape, our professionals will apply a new adhesive tape in matter of seconds by peeling the tape of its sheet and applying it directly on the extension where it was previously set.

The Richy Stickees adhesive tape can be replaced upto 3 times.

Work your way slowly and systematically across the rows. It is important that you wait for the hair extension piece to dry completely (this typically takes 15 minutes) before you can start to put on new adhesive tapes.

To Reuse Richy Stickees

Make sure to follow the same preparation and process for a re-application.

You will need to:

  • Clean and Clarify the hair
  • Dry and Straighten it
  • Apply the new extensions following the same process

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