Invisible Stickees

Richy Invisible Stickees are designed to be hidden into the hair which offers twice as more natural blends, adding
more volume and length. It has a disappearing effect when mixed with client’s natural hair making it invisible to the

Richy Invisible Stickees are slim and ultra light weight with special silk coating strips. When attached in the crown
area or hairline it has the appearance of growing straight from the root giving you the best natural hair.

  • 100% Finest Quality Remy human hair
  • Hand-knotted
  • 8 Pieces in a pack
  • Tape Size – 4cm x 0.8cm
  • Available in 5-hair lengths
  • Available in Diamond and Gold Quality
  • Application Time: Approx. 20-40 minutes
  • Lasts up to 3 months : reusable up to 3 times
  • Easy to apply and remove without the use of heat or tools


Placed between two pieces of your natural hair, Mini Stikees extensions can be used in their full size for targeted sections or SPLIT to their half size for smaller sections. Easily mix colors to blend with the natural colors of your hair, providing a more customized luxurious look while still providing seamless buoyancy to your coiffure.

color selection

Maintaining original color and shine are what we hair and swear by. Richy Hair experiences a special, gentle dyeing process that secures original shine and color within each strand of our Richy Hair Collection. Richy Hair does glamorous hair thoughtfully. We stay away from those traditional dyeing methods that make it difficult for color to properly attach to the hair molecules.

Richy entrusts and uses only the best dye process to guarantee all Richy Hair extensions preserve their full body and color.

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