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Richy Flick N’ Clips

Richy Flick N’ Clips are easy to go extensions that gives you longer and thicker hair. You can easily apply it to your hair by yourself in any time and in any place you want. We are using only high quality clips which provide strong grip for the hair to hold onto and for the extension not to slip down the hair strands.

  • 100% Finest Quality Remy human hair
  • Available in Diamond Quality
  • Available in 80g ,120g, and 160g per pack
  • Available in two hair lengths 50cm (18”-20”) and 60 (22”-24”)
  • Easy to apply, remove, and re-use
  • Damage-free
  • No heating tools needed for application

Flick N’ Clips extensions are also similar to your own natural hair, you can use hairdryers, irons and clips for achieving your desired look as well as washing the extensions with gentle care.



color selection

Maintaining original color and shine are what we hair and swear by. Richy Hair experiences a special, gentle dyeing process that secures original shine and color within each strand of our Richy Hair Collection. Richy Hair does glamorous hair thoughtfully. We stay away from those traditional dyeing methods that make it difficult for color to properly attach to the hair molecules.

Richy entrusts and uses only the best dye process to guarantee all Richy Hair extensions preserve their full body and color.

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